News: Blue Hour @ Mt. Tabor Park

As the price of iPods and other mp3 players continue to drop, I predict you’re going to start to see more and more events like the one Nat Evans e-mailed me about this week. The Seattle-based composer is bringing his Blue Hour music event to Mount Tabor Park on August 4th. The details are thus: You download the track (embedded below thanks to Soundcloud) to your mp3 player. You meet up in front of the gatehouse at Reservoir 5 at the park at 8:30 pm. When instructed, you press play on the track. Then, you sit back, drinking in the dying light and the music as they commingle.

According to the website, Evans has for the event, the music “is a mix of new and pre-existing compositions that have been arranged to best complement the changing of light during the hour after sunset.” Evans has provided the music early on his website (and again streaming) so, if you can’t make it on the 4th, you can find your own vista and participate in a listening session. The absolutely lovely electro-acoustic track is perfect for this experience too, a full 40 minutes of melody and movement that will coincide nicely with watching the sky go from brilliant blue to a silky grey and black.


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