News: Thrill Jockey Announces 20th Anniversary Shows

It must be a sign of my advanced age that when I received word that Thrill Jockey would be turning 20 this year, I thought that surely that couldn’t be right. Alas, the truth is that the Chicago-based imprint has been around since 1992 and during that time become one of the finest American indie labels around, willing to host everything from glitchy electronic weirdness to African highlife pop to tortured folk to transcendental black metal.

As any strong and solvent label should, the gang at Thrill Jockey are putting together a series of anniversary shows, highlighting their history and future. Instead of just relegating them to their hometown, the concerts will be going down around the U.S. (and probably beyond), including a November 9th showcase here in Portland at Mississippi Studios.

Now, to be honest, I’m a little envious that the folks in New York and Baltimore get to experience Tortoise and Matmos, but all that gets pushed aside when I remind myself of all the amazing stuff in store for the Portland show. Check it:

Trans Am
Eternal Tapestry
Barn Owl
Golden Retriever
Mike Scheidt
Jason Urick

Not bad for a night’s entertainment, eh?

The label will also have some posters for the event on sale (with 100% of the proceeds made going right back into the pocket of the folks who designed them), and (I’m hoping and praying) a special 20th anniversary limited-edition LP. The mind boggles, the mind reels, the bank balance likely gets much smaller.

Clear your calendar for November, folks. This show is going to leave you an empty shell for days afterward.


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