News: Help B’ee Create A PenTent In France

Here’s a strange and wonderful little thing: the psych-folk artist B’ee (or In Gowan Ring or Birch Book) is setting up literal camp in the woods of rural France and needs the assistance of fans and friends. The former Portland/Astoria resident has long been known for his world travels and spiritual explorations – experiences that have inspired some of his best recordings – and while he shows no sign of slowing down, he looks to be setting down some roots for a spell “in a forest behind a chateau in the Limosin region” of France. To do so, he’s going to build what he calls a “PenTent,” a collapsable/moveable yurt with cook/heating stove within, shaped pentagonally.

But, being the nomadic type that he is that lives apparently free of full time employ, he needs help to pay for the construction. So, he’s selling a limited edition Penxingle, a CD of tracks recorded via solar power by B’ee, housed in a cloth envelope made from the same material he is making his PenTent from, and a pentagonal-shaped charm made from the wood he’s using to construct the tent. Oh, and a personal invitation to visit the PenTent next time you’re in France.

I wish I had some music to share from this CD (I have a request into Be’e to get a track to put up here), but let “By Moss Strand and Waterspathe” (from the album TwinTrees) guide your thinking on the world and nature for a few minutes. It’s a lovely recording of the natural world, with percussive accompaniment, ringing drones, and operatic, wordless vocals.


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