Music: I Taste Copper – Pinpricks

The key purpose for starting a blog like this was to dig into the local experimental music scene and turn up some hidden gems, new projects, and cult favorites that had as yet eluded my grasp. Thankfully for me and you, it’s actually working like a charm.

One of the first responses I got from the blog came by way of Jessie Bates, who wanted to tell me all about his musical endeavors. The former New Mexico native has been working in collaboration with Ryan Shoptaw (himself a member of Mangled Bohemians as well as working on his own far-reaching efforts under the name Mritak Sangh) on a project known as Black Line Ascension, but my focus today is on his solo work.

Using the moniker I Taste Copper, Bates explores deep recesses of sound that undulate and warp like a small oil slick in unsteady waters. It can have a vague sense of threat skimming the surface, but this track “Pinpricks” is absolutely beautiful. The song skirts the lines of a New Age meditation soundtrack while remaining just out of focus enough to keep you leaning in for a closer look.


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