Exit Interview: Chrome Wings

The news hasn’t gone widespread yet but the fact is this: this weekend’s performance at the PDX Pop Now! Festival will be the last for space pop duo Chrome Wings. It’s a huge loss to the local music scene, as Jon Jurow and Shane McDonell gave chase to so many other groups trying to make unpretentious fractured pop. What made their version stand out was that it always sounded within seconds of collapsing in on itself like a dying star. Reverb and delay and a plastered over gauzy feeling took flight but was kept in check by a good natured appreciation of melody.

Lucky for us, the end is only the beginning for Jurow as he’s already demoing out tracks for a new project called Leisure LLC. He was kind enough to answer some questions via e-mail about this new group as well as discussing what brought about the end of Chrome Wings.

So, why call it quits on Chrome Wings now? Did you feel like the project had run its course or are you all just looking to do your own stuff now?

To a certain degree…We could make three more records like ;New Lands;, but what’s the challenge in that? When we first started playing out, it was really looked down upon to use melodic/rhythmic elements within a large sect here. Now it’s pretty well accepted. I always felt like a bit of an outsider, even playing pop shows, but now it seems like the bridge has been gapped, lines blurred… Really looking forward to much of what my friends and myself are working on right now. There’s a lot of limitations in a one/two person act. At the base this was escapist music, taken from a pop mindset. I feel like we accomplished that. I just never want to repeat myself.

Knowing that the performance this weekend will be your last, does that put any added pressure on you guys to step or your game? Or does it make the show feel a little bigger than it might otherwise?

Oddly enough, I don’t feel half as nervous as I usually do. Guess I’ve gotten more comfortable with things. There’s a lot of emotional weight tied to some of this material. It feels good letting go and sharing that with people.

Looking back on the time you had as a part of Chrome Wings, what really stands out for you?

That we were able to share bills with so many wonderful people: Julian Lynch, Grouper, BARR, Run DMT, Javelin, Blues Control, Wet Hair and many more. Not only that, but everyone who’s been so supportive throughout the

What can you tell me about Leisure LLC, the new project you’re getting off the ground?

It’s stripped of any excess, songs have gotten even shorter, almost to vignette style. It’s direct and immediate…thought-feeling-concept and on…tonally crystalline… I’m writing and recording with the intent of all things played live in real time as a four-piece band. I like the idea of Leisure LLC, being an excuse for social commentary. An art project/live band and an excuse to travel. Finishing up an EP’s worth of material. Recordings should appear in the coming months followed by live dates.

Do you see this as the end/full stop with Chrome Wings or do you think it will be resurrected at some point in the future?

Bon Voyage!


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