News: Tara Jane O’Neil Seeks Support Via Kickstarter

In this modern music economy, more and more musicians that reside in the underground or just below the world of large indie labels are looking directly to their fans to help fund their future creative endeavors.

One artist that is seeking funding to complete a new album – and one that should drum up a great deal of support from her fellow creative community, as well as via her international fan base – is Tara Jane O’Neil. As the project video on her Kickstarter page states, O’Neil has worked with a wide variety of musicians and artists over the years, including Marisa Anderson, Samara Lubelski, Michael Hurley, and Papa M. That ability to adapt one’s guitar playing to mesh so easily with such disparate sounds is a rare gift and one that should be fostered at every turn.

To do so now, O’Neil has, again, turned to Kickstarter, seeking just under $7,000 to wrap up her next album, to be released in the first part of 2013. As she says on the project page:

Funds will go to studio time, travel expenses, compensation for musicians, some gear and the mixing and mastering of the album. Any donation monies that go beyond the minimum request will make it possible to tour next year. 

I have incredibly talented and magical friends who will contribute to this record. Musicians such as Dan Littleton (Ida, Elizabeth Mitchell), Jean Cook (Ida, Jon Langford, Pulp), Ida Pearle (Ida, Low), Mirah (solo, Thao and Mirah),Anna Huff (Anna Oxygen, Cloud Eye Control),  Lisa Schonberg (Explode into Colors) and Tim Barnes (everyone from Jim O’Rourke to Samara Lubleski).  I would love to be able compensate them for their time and genius.

O’Neil is offering up some great incentives in return for donations, including a CD or vinyl copy of the album, a CD of Unintended Side Effects (alternate takes, drones, and other audio ephemera from the recording process), or for the more flush reader, the chance to have O’Neil come and play for you in your hometown.

Take a few minutes to check out the Kickstarter page, and then, by golly, do consider throwing some money to the cause.


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