News: The Return Of Sarin Smoke

As promised, we’re not going to leave Pete Swanson alone even though he’s left Oregon for a while (for good?). Besides, it’s incredibly hard to ignore the man when he keeps knocking out new and amazing work. He’s got a new EP coming on Type Records (which we’ve talked about before), a sure to already be OOP split 7″ with Moin, and likely more that we haven’t gotten wind of yet.

One new release that has been announced is another collaboration with the fantastic Tom Carter of Charalambides infamy (and who by the way was finally released from the hospital in Berlin after 40 days of being laid up with severe pneumonia) under the name Sarin Smoke.

The pair already dazzled the experimental world with Smokescreen, their 2007 on Three Lobed Recordings, a full-length of spacious instrumentals, both men playing guitars and weaving snaking, droning melodies together tightly and warmly.

Word has just come down that the London-based label MIE  is gearing up to release a second collection of work by Sarin Smoke, entitled Vent. The tracks were apparently recorded back in 2010 after the two performed together in Oakland. We haven’t heard the results yet, but all signs are pointing towards it being a perfect late summer/early fall soundtrack.

Best of all, Swanson has insisted that all the profits brought in from this album be donated to the Robert Thomas Carter Irrevocable Trust, to help stave off the costs of Carter’s long hospital stay. There will also be a limited edition version of Vent that will feature hand-made covers (done by friend of the band Ilyas Ahmed) and a cassette of other Sarin Smoke work with, again, all the money going to help Tom.

We’ll be sure to feature a track or two from this release here when they become available to the world, but until then, enjoy this track from the group’s first release Smokescreen, the perfectly titled “Blood Window”.


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