Music: Pulse Emitter – Bioluminescence (excerpt)

The increased visibility of Daryl Groetsch, aka Pulse Emitter, over the last two years is one of more welcome developments in the local experimental scene. Groetsch has kept up the same steady pace of CD-R and more traditional releases, but it’s a warming thing to see his project’s name pop up on concert calendars as often as it has been of late.

As well, Groestch’s music has been finding a much wider audience thanks to the ease of access that the Internet is providing for fans of modular synth workouts, and the labels that have been releasing his work. One such imprint is the Chicago-based Immune Recordings who have just issued a gorgeous 4-way split LP featuring Pulse Emitter, Expo 70, Date Palms, and the Peaking Lights side project Faceplant.

While we wait for our copy to show up in the mail, we are resting easy in the release of an excerpt of one track from Pulse Emitter’s side. According to the comments on his Soundcloud page, Groestch used two vintage synths to create this track – the Oberheim OB-8 and an Ensoniq VFX-SD – for this track. It lends the song the feel of one of Tangerine Dream’s ’80s soundtracks, that kind of magisterial yet magical approach that gave films like Thief and Risky Business such a dream-like quality. The title of the track feels so appropriate too. Lose yourself in it and it will seem like you are floating on the water at night, surrounded and buoyed by glowing algae.


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