Video: Regular Music – Computerized Air

Though released over a month ago – an eon in Internet time – the video for the track “Computerized Air” by the electro-supergroup known as Regular Music is still worth your attention. The clip, like the song, is bizarrely hypnotic, drawing you in with superimposed visuals and intertwining melodies. You may be able to piece out the source material that Eric Mast (née E*Rock), Marius Libman (a.k.a. Copy), and Charlie Salas-Humara (member of Sun Angle) have pulled from to create this video, just as you could easily find the reference points that the trio is using to create their drone epics. But this material is best taken with a Zen-like approach. Free your conscious mind of all that may connect this material to this plane of existence, and let its warm colors and tickling sounds wash all over you.

Let this also whet your appetite for an interview with the men behind Regular Music to be posted on this site very soon in advance of the album release show the band has scheduled for August 1st at Holocene. They’ll be joined by Golden Retriever – who will also be celebrating the release of a new album, and solo sets by Pulse Emitter and Ilyas Ahmed. This show’s gonna do my head in, folks, and I want you to be there when it happens.


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