Music: Marisa Anderson Live At WFMU

Here’s another bit of old news but one still worth reporting on. Back in April, the brilliant guitarist Marisa Anderson stopped by the studios of the peerless freeform radio station WFMU for an interview and a performance on the program Shrunken Planet. In keeping with the WFMU spirit of making these sessions as widely available as possible, it was uploaded to the Free Music Archive in May, which is where I just stumbled upon it today.

If you’ve heard Anderson perform either solo or as a member of the Evolutionary Jass Band, you know what a stunning musician she is. Her studies of  jazz, folk, and blues in all their guises have provided a depth and texture to her playing that is too often glossed over in those genres in place of flashy solos and straight up kitsch. Sure, for the sake of this blog’s name, it might not be the most “out there” sounding material you’ll hear today, but when put up against the nonsense that cluttered up Waterfront Park this past weekend, it comes off as downright revolutionary.

Here’s just one track from this performance, the devilishly rambling “Electricity”. Check it out here and then go to the FMA page where you can download the whole set.


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