Video: ExtrAlonE @ Dark Arts 2012

Here’s a little video I shot last night at the 2012 Dark Arts Festival – a whirlwind of an event at Holocene that brought together electronic artists of all stripes for short, punchy, and, for the most part, brilliant sets. My favorite of the evening was the duo Cloud City Cars & Jatun who debuted their collaborative work last night, a tabula rasa blast of drones and overmodulated melodies. But I also fell for most of the set by the one-man improvisational electronics/live drums mania known as ExtrAlonE. Up until the point he set fire to a dollar bill he had immolated on his hi-hat stand. But everything before that did me right. Here’s just a sampling of his work, in dark tones and loud volume.

ExtrALonE @ Dark Arts 2012 from Robert Ham on Vimeo.


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