Video: Pete Swanson – Pro Style

Though he’s moved off to New York for schooling, Pete Swanson will always be a Portlander in the eyes of this blog. He grew up in Oregon, after all, and so much of his greatest theories and concepts were borne out of the experimental scene here in the Rose City. So, leave for greater climes if you must, Pete, but we’ll be tracking your every move along the way. Such as this new clip – created by local video artist Brenna Murphy – for the title track off Swanson’s upcoming EP Pro Style. The song keeps in line with the glinted glass electronic aesthetic of last year’s brilliant Man With Potential. But it feels even more shattered, as if the relatively straight lines of Potential have been snipped and left to flap gloriously in the wind.

Pete Swanson – Pro Style from Type Recordings on Vimeo.


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