Audio: Foton – The Way To Omega

The work of electronic cut-and-stitch artist Foton would fit comfortably into the burnt edge earth tone sound of a label like Ghost Box. So, thanks be to Portland label Field Hymns that we don’t have to pay premium prices to get a hold of Foton’s work. Omega, the six-song cassette/digital release that the label and band have just made available, is a morphing, pulsing little monster. Something like the music you’d imagine the game pods in eXistenZ to have as an internal soundtrack. The opening track “The Way To Omega” underpins that uneasy idea with the phased out sound of someone walking down a street moved out of the way by channel changing bits of melody and noise. It’s the perfect mix of creepy and beautiful, and just the thing to help clear the palate before tomorrow’s big bang of a holiday.


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