Event: Experimental Portland & Lifelike Family Presents…: Cloud City Cars, Delyria, Ethernet & Kendall Station

That’s right, friends…we are back in the show promotion business. And we couldn’t be more excited to get back into the mix with this collaborative show featuring some amazing electronic-based acts associated with the Lifelike Family crew:

Cloud City Cars



Kendall Station

The whole thing is going down at Turn Turn Turn tomorrow night starting at 8pm. And it will cost you a mere $5 to get in (though if you have less than that, we will not turn turn turn you away). We hope to see you there.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 4.40.42 PM

TONIGHT: Experimental Portland Presents… #18: Doug Theriault/Obsolete Synthesis/Daniel O’Brien-Bravi @ Ash St. Saloon

I don’t tend to make straight up pleas on this blog, for fear of sounding like all the desperate PR folk that fill my inbox every weekday. But the deal is this: the booking folks at Ash Street Saloon are changing, and the gent who is taking care of it now sounds already very suspicious of what I’m bringing to the table with these shows. He hasn’t outright said this but the implication is: if these shows don’t look like they’re worth the venues while (aka if no one shows up), he’s going to nix the one I had planned for December and the two things I have booked there next month will be it.

I realize that the Ash Street is an odd place for shows of this kind, but they treat the people who play there well and the sound system is amazing. I’d much rather book a modular synth player like Obsolete Synthesis and let him be heard as he wants to be heard rather than through some crappy PA in some DIY garage/basement space (as much as I love those too).

So, my simple plea is this: can we prove to the Ash Street folks that there is an audience for this music and that having me have at least one night a month to celebrate it is beneficial to them? In short: can I rely on y’all to show up tonight and support the blog, the musicians, and the scene as a whole? 

Details on the show are here in this poster. I hope you can make it.

exp-port 101513

Music: Moongriffin & Bernstein Live @ Ash Street Saloon, 9.17.13

Thanks to all the folks who came out last night for another amazing show at the Ash Street Saloon. For those of you didn’t make it, here’s a taster of the scintillating performance by the duo of Moongriffin & Bernstein. The former played electronics and guitar; the latter, saxophone sent through a bank of effects pedals. The combination was at times ethereal, danceable, and emotion rich.

Tonight in Experimental Portland – Thursday, August 29, 2013

Experimental Portland Presents… #14 w/ Linux SKNRD + No Parades + Stochastic Mettle  Union @ Ash St. Saloon, 9pm

I am as pleased as anyone when the staff of a venue likes the shows that I book enough that they ask me back to do either the occasional booking, or a regular series of shows. Pleased and surprised. Those feelings are trebled when it comes to the Ash St. Saloon, one of the city’s least-heralded venues. It’s a great space that got an unfair reputation heaped upon it due to its former reliance on rock and metal shows (something I put on the person who used to handle the booking there). If anyone was able to make it to ALTO!’s vinyl release show with Million Brazilians a little while back, you would have seen firsthand what the place has to offer: a big, open performance area with a powerful sound system.

All this is to emphasize how thrilled I am that the Ash Street has extended an offer to let me curate a monthly showcase of experimental music, the first of which is tonight. Usually these things will go down on the third Tuesday of every month, but as we’re just getting rolling, this one landed on a Thursday. No matter when it happens, though, this is going to be a firecracker of a show. On tap tonight:


No Parades

Stochastic Mettle Union

The cost of admission is a mere $5, and the whole megillah gets underway at 9pm. If you’re one of those tech-heavy types who likes to let the world know that you’re going somewhere via your chosen social network, here’s the Facebook event page.


Today in Experimental Portland – Sunday, August 11

Battery Powered Orchestra Workshop @ Cymaspace, 10am

Going on right now is the second day of the Battery Powered Orchestra’s workshop on circuit-bending, sampling, and making electronic music of a certain modular bent. Today, they will be featuring performances by Jeph Nor, Maps to The Stars, and BPO, as well as a keynote address from digital artist Jeremy Rotsztain. Also, click on the Cymaspace link above, and you catch videos from the first day of the BPOW.


Arthur Magazine Launch Party w/ Michael Hurley @ The Waypost, 9pm

One of the country’s greatest independent publications celebrates the release of its 35th issue tonight at the Waypost, with a performance by an artist written about in a huge feature in the new edition: Michael Hurley. If you’re unfamiliar with either the magazine or Mr. Hurley, you are disconnected by some of the most exploratory and mind-bending work of our modern age.

Video: Sun Hammer and Consumer. @ Slabtown

I first want to thank all the warm…very warm…bodies that came out to Slabtown on Tuesday of this week to drink in the massive sounds of Sun Hammer, Consumer., and No Phone. Thanks for continuing to inspire me to keep doing shows like this. Every time I start getting really soured on the notion, these shows happen to give me a shot in the arm. So to speak.

Anyway, one gentleman who attended Tuesday’s gig, my friend Dean Hanson, brought along his camcorder and captured some footage of the first two acts of the evening (he had to head out before No Phone’s set…). And being a man of the modern world, he uploaded them to YouTube. So, via the magic of WordPress embed codes, I bring to you a small sampling of what went down earlier this week.

I’m already cooking up some nice evenings of entertainment for August and September, so stay tuned, citizens. Stay tuned.

Event: Experimental Portland Presents… #13

Have I really helped facilitate a baker’s dozen of events here in town? It would appear so…and each one is more exciting than the last. So, right now, at this hour, I’m giddy about tonight’s show featuring three current favorites of the experimental music world: Consumer., No Phone, and Sun Hammer. It’s happening at the fine, fine bar Slabtown, and, more importantly, it’s all ages!! 

Click on the links and sample their wares (or just scoot below the picture and dig into a live recording of Sun Hammer performing at this year’s Closer Electronic Music Festival).

TONIGHT: Experimental Portland Presents… #9

For many of us, Tuesday night isn’t the most ideal night to venture out into the frigid April air to attend a small concert in NE Portland. But whatever I can do to encourage you to make it out to tonight’s installment of Experimental Portland Presents… I will do.

The most I can do at the moment is let you know about the amazing music that will be on tap at Habesha on 801 NE Broadway tonight, starting at 9pm. As you glean from the sound clips below, this is going to be a noisy one, probably the noisiest show I’ve done yet. And that thrills me to no end. Bring some earplugs and an open mind.

Tonight features:


White Gourd

Daughter Talk (her first ever live performance)

Mariela Rossi