Event Calendar

October 21
Jessica Lurie/Blue Cranes @ Alberta Street Pub
Headbanded Radio presents: I Im Eye My/Spectrum Control/Star Child/Brian Levin @ Xhurch

October 22
Accent/Sustain: Soft Metals/Camino Acid/wndfrm @ Holocene

October 24
Cult of Zir/Sister Mamie Foreskin/Sunfalls/AFT3RBIRTH @ Foggy Notion

October 25
Form The Head: Apartment Fox/Contact Cult @ Beacon Sound
Xylouris White/Marisa Anderson/Luke Wyland @ Bunk Bar

October 26
Gooo/FAXES/Dr. Strangeknob/Okhrana @ Habesha

October 27
Matt Nelson/SIRIS @ Habesha

October 31
Wolf Eyes/Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting @ Mississippi Studios

November 1
M.A.S.S. IX: Grouper/White Gourd @ Alberta Abbey

November 2
Creative Music Guild presents Confluence Series: Battle Trance/Wallsmith + Cunningham + Wyland + Johnedis @ Habesha

November 3
NOW Ensemble w/ Zac Pennington @ Alberta Rose Theatre

November 5
Noion Ashley/Translucent Spiders/Bloom Offering @ Valentines
Creative Music Guild presents Confluence Series: Nate Wooley + Carol Robinson play the music of Elaine Radigue @ Revival Drum Shop

November 9
Nils Frahm/Dawn of MIDI @ Mississippi Studios

November 11
Form The Head: Arohan/Audioelectronic/Bryan Zentz + Joseph Valentino/Barham Beirels/Minigorille @ Holocene

November 15
1000 Trash Cans/Chrome Mole Monocle/The Translucent Spiders/Eaton Flowers @ The Waypost
Creative Music Guild presents Confluence Series: Bhob Rainey/Joda Clement @ Redeemer Lutheran Church

November 16
Andrew Endres Collective/Leo/Coco Columbia @ Valentines

November 17
Flying Lotus/Thundercat @ Roseland Theater

November 19
Creative Music Guild presents Confluence Series: John Gross + Billy Mintz @ Revival Drum Shop

November 23
ABSV/GnarGnar/MOTH/Future Items @ Habesha

December 1
Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa @ Mississippi Studios

December 10
Fountainsun/Arrington De Dionyso/Million Brazilians @ Valentines
Dream Police/Mercury Living @ Holocene

December 21
Michael Stirling + Matt Carlson + Doug Theriault/Arrington De Dionyso @ Alberta Abbey

May 1, 2015
Third Angle Ensemble presents: Hearing Voices w/ Alex Ross @ Alberta Rose Theatre

14 thoughts on “Event Calendar

  1. Well, that Haino show came out of nowhere. Any detailed info available? All I see is the bare-bones listing on PC-PDX.

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