Event Calendar

June 20 – 21
Future Arts Festival @ Portland State University

June 20 – 22
Risk/Reward Festival of New Performance @ Artists Repertory Theatre

June 20
Swahili/Midday Veil/Spectrum Control @ Bunk Bar

June 21
Impulsive Machinations/Million Brazilians/HITS @ The Foggy Notion
Planning For Burial/Muscle and Marrow/The Binary Marketing Show/Troubled By Insects @ Slabtown

June 22
SDMPDX & Friends Monthly: Play Human/Cult of Zir/Darkwraith Convenant/Warm Trash @ Habesha

June 25
Consumer/Stochastic Mettle Union #35/Waffle Taco/Noah Peterson @ Kelly’s Olympian

June 27 – 29
20th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival @ Northern – Olympia, WA

June 28
Elliott Sharp/Battle Hymns & Gardens @ The Secret Society

June 29
Like A Villain/Agender/Moon Mirror @ Foggy Notion

July 1
Pure X/M. Geddas Gengras @ Bunk Bar

July 2
Creative Music Guild – Outset Series: Torsten Mueller & Phil Minton Duo/Eet @ Revival Drum Shop
Fuck Buttons/Total Life/Bombs Into You @ Star Theater

July 6
Battery Powered Music Open Mixer @ Cymaspace

July 15
Wolves in the Throne Room/Nommo Ogo @ Star Theater

July 16
Creative Music Guild – Outset Series: Tres Gone @ Revival Drum Shop

July 20
SDMPDX & Friends Monthly: Noise Agency/Electro Kraken/COLDGOLDCHAIN/Eaton Flowers @ Habesha Lounge

July 21
Magik Markers/XDS/Arctic Flowers @ Mississippi Studios
Thrones/Shitstorm/Holly Hunt @ The Know

July 23
Fin Du Cinema: Valet/Dreamboat/Spectrum Control @ Holocene

July 30
Desert Center/Consumer/A Volcano @ Habesha

August 1
Free Salamander Exhibit/Dead Rider @ Mississippi Studios
Connoisseur/Immoral Majority/Redneck/Snakes @ Megaton House

August 3
Xiu Xiu/Circuit Des Yeux @ Doug Fir Lounge

August 10
Like A Villain/Arrington de Dionyso’s Songs of Psychic Fire @ Mississippi Studios

August 15 – 17
Festicide @ Various Locations

August 18
Boris/Master Musicians of Bukkake @ Doug Fir Lounge

August 20
Tara Jane O’Neil/Key Losers @ Mississippi Studios

13 thoughts on “Event Calendar

  1. Well, that Haino show came out of nowhere. Any detailed info available? All I see is the bare-bones listing on PC-PDX.

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