Event Calendar

February 18 – March 1
2015 Portland Jazz Festival

February 27
Weird Cactus/The Grand Style Combo/Cynthia Nelson @ Mothership Music
Mark Fell @ Yale Union
Caustic Touch/Matt Carlson/Panabrite/RM Francis/Virgin Blood @ S1 Portland

February 28
Untoward: A Benefit for the Creative Music Guild: Marcus Fischer/Allie Hankins/Taka Yamamoto/Reed Wallsmith & Joe Cunningham @ Hipbone Studio
Smoke Rings/Consumer./Beatrix Sky/The Translucent Spiders/Mall Caste @ Habesha
Daniel Castledine/Golden Donna + Antlr’d/Guzo/Limits/Million Mists @ S1 Portland

March 3
Rosacoke Street Taping w/ Stochastic Mettle Union #35 @ The Foggy Notion

March 4
Creative Music Guild presents: Outset Series – MSHR/Christopher Gavazza @ Turn Turn Turn

March 5
Havania Whaal/Consumer/Is/Is/Sister Mamie Foreskin @ Sandy Hut

March 7
Cloud City Cars/Elias Foley/Exit Signs @ Townshend’s Tea
Mike Gamble + Noah Bernstein + Jeff Langston + Ryan Biesack @ The Waypost

March 8
The Crenshaw/Doug Theriault/Halfbird @ The Liquor Store

March 12
TOIM/Underlords Take Acid/Redneck @ The Know
Bad Jazz [Bryan Day + Tania Chen + Ben Saloman]/Birch Cooper/Magic Gardens/Loren Chasse + Matt Hannafin @ Xhurch

March 13 – 15
Charlemagne Palestine @ Yale Union + Lewis & Clark’s Agnes Flanagan Chapel

March 13
Quell Deep Listening Event @ Reed College

March 14
Volt Divers: No Parades/Jeens/Rise of Necropolis/Terror Apart/Dead Lover/Sunfalls/Daath Kulture @ Lovecraft Bar

March 15
The Dynamics of Duos: Ze Bib/American Merkin/The Soga/Schnieder Contiuum @ Alice Coltrane Memorial Coliseum
Emerging Music Salon #11 @ The Waypost
Body Sung Electric w/ Agnieszka Laska Dancers + music of Tomas Svoboda, Jack Gabel, Tristan Bliss, Gary Noland, Dan Senn, Susan Alexjander, and John Bilotta @ Portland State University’s Lincoln Hall

March 18
Creative Music Guild presents: Outset Series – Catherine Lee + Matt Hannafin + Lee Elderton + Grant Pierce @ Turn Turn Turn

March 24
Grex/Mat Vuksinich/Electro-Kraken @ The Waypost

March 25
Entrail/River of Mercury/Consumer./Volcanic Pinnacles @ Valentines

March 27
Timmy Terror & the Winter Coats/Sister Mamie Foreskin/Gooo @ Habesha
Crank Sturgeon/#TITS/Dead Air Fresheners/Uneasy Chairs/Fiasco Free Improvisation/Jeremy C. Long @ Plew’s Brews

March 28
Father Murphy @ Beacon Sound
Moon Duo @ Mississippi Studios

March 29
Muzzy/Smoke Rings/Kool Skull/Ya-eef-ay/Action Bastard @ High Water Mark Lounge

March 31
Striations/Botched Facelift/Redneck/Consumer/Withering of Light/Space Cats @ Rotture

April 1
Yonatan Gat/Eternal Tapestry @ The Know

April 3
King Woman/Braveyoung/Drowse/Troubled By Insects @ High Water Mark Lounge
Creative Music Guild Benefit for Improvisation Summit of Portland w/ Coco Columbia/Noah Bernstein + Andrew Jones + Ryan Miller @ Beacon Sound

April 4
Magma @ Aladdin Theater
The OO-Ray/Brumes @ Townshend’s Tea

April 10
Ssleeperhold/Marie Davidson/Vice Device @ Beacon Sound

April 16 & 17
Third Angle: Silver Threads @ Studio2@Zoomtopia

April 16
Simon Scott/Marcus Fischer @ Beacon Sound

April 17
Benoit Pioulard/Ethernet/Loscil @ Beacon Sound

April 18
Simon Scott/Loscil/Marcus Fischer/No Parades + dweomer @ Reed College Chapel

April 19
Mike Nord & Georg Hofmann w/ Andreas Stahel/Chrome Mole Monocle/ALTO!/The Translucent Spiders @ Habesha

April 20
Acid Mothers Temple/ST 37 @ Mississippi Studios

April 26
Nosaj Thing/Clark @ Doug Fir Lounge

April 29
Lightning Bolt/Liturgy @ Dantes

May 1
Third Angle Ensemble presents: Hearing Voices w/ Alex Ross @ Alberta Rose Theatre
Sir Richard Bishop/Robert Milis @ Bunk Bar
Old Time Relijun/Secret Drum Band/Like A Villain @ Mississippi Studios

June 17
Colleen @ Holocene

14 thoughts on “Event Calendar

  1. Well, that Haino show came out of nowhere. Any detailed info available? All I see is the bare-bones listing on PC-PDX.

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