Event Calendar

August 26
Consumer./Ras Mix/Dr. Burtrum/1000 Trash Cans @ Valentines

August 27
LiquidLight/La Fin Absolute du Monde/Candy Cigarettes @ Ash Street Saloon
Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks/Raleigh Moncrief @ Mississippi Studios
Psychopomp MMXIV.8: Grease Envelope/Nolon Ashley/Scylia @ Lovecraft Bar

August 29
Pan Ambient Presents: Fax/Unrecognizable Now/Gunshae/No Parades/The OO-Ray @ Alberta Abbey
Negativland/Daniel Menche/Cascadian Knights @ Crystal Ballroom

September 2
PJCE Happy Hour @ Lucky Labrador Overlook Tap Room

September 3
Creative Music Guild presents Outset Series: Liew Niyomkarn/Weather Exposed @ Revival Drum Shop

September 6
Swans/Carla Bozulich @ Roseland Theater
St. Johns No.Fest @ various locations

September 7
Earth/King Dude @ Doug Fir Lounge
Taylor Ho Bynum @ Central Hotel
Battery Powered Music @ Cymaspace

September 11 – 21
T:BA 14

September 12
Third Angle Ensemble presents: Timber @ Alberta Rose Theatre

September 17
Zammuto/Luke Wyland @ Doug Fir Lounge
Creative Music Guild presents Outset Series: Consumer./Halfbird @ Revival Drum Shop

September 21
A Minor Forest/Prizehog/Jonny X and the Groadies @ Doug Fir Lounge
Troubled By Insects/Sunfalls/Not Bitter/Alien Parkinson’s Project @ Habesha

September 24
The Bad Plus @ Jimmy Maks
Redneck/A Volcano/Unifried/Sei Hexe @ High Water Mark Lounge

September 26
Jacaszek/Christopher Willits/Philip Grass @ Mississippi Studios

November 17
Flying Lotus/Thundercat @ Roseland Theater

May 1, 2015
Third Angle Ensemble presents: Hearing Voices w/ Alex Ross @ Alberta Rose Theatre

13 thoughts on “Event Calendar

  1. Well, that Haino show came out of nowhere. Any detailed info available? All I see is the bare-bones listing on PC-PDX.

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