Event Calendar

April 25
Knelt Rote/Sempiternal Dusk/Bloody Master @ Black Water Bar

April 26
Nosaj Thing/Clark @ Doug Fir Lounge
SIX: Reliqs/No Parades/Solenoid/Mike Jedlicka/Christi Denton/Burke Jam/Jatun @ PNCA
Laraaji/Eternal Tapestry/Lyrels @ S1

April 29
Lightning Bolt/Liturgy/Consumer. @ Dantes

April 30
Arlt/Shelley Short/Inebriati @ Turn Turn Turn

May 1
Third Angle Ensemble presents: Hearing Voices w/ Alex Ross @ Alberta Rose Theatre
Sir Richard Bishop/Robert Milis @ Bunk Bar
Old Time Relijun/Secret Drum Band/Like A Villain @ Mississippi Studios
Communion @ Disjecta

May 2
Bardo:Basho/Camino Acid @ Beacon Sound
Arttu Partinen/MSHR/The Tenses @ S1

May 3
Giacomo Fiore @ Taborspace Commons

May 5
Tim Berne’s Snakeoil/Blue Cranes @ Jimmy Mak’s
Beauty School/Alma Freer/Prime Meridian/Wazoo Administration of Percussive Players @ Alice Coltrane Memorial Coliseum

May 8
Pulse Emitter/Ant’lrd/Opaline @ Beacon Sound
Neil Michael Hagerty @ Kelly’s Olympian
Marc Ribot @ Marylhurst University

May 9
Volt Divers @ Lovecraft Bar
Moongriffin Quartet @ The Waypost

May 12
Peter Brotzmann + Hamid Drake + William Parker/Not Bitter @ Mississippi Studios
Consumer./Eaton Flowers/Chrome Mole Monocle @ Ash St. Saloon

May 14
Waver Clamor Bellow @ Valentines

May 16
David Torn @ Holocene
Teleg/Stochastic Mettle Union Local #35/ABSV @ Alice Coltrane Memorial Coliseum
John Wiese/The Tenses/Birch Cooper/Debris Field @ Vagrant Eye Projection Museum

May 17
Creative Music Guild Presents: Instant Composers Pool Orchestra @ Redeemer Lutheran Church

May 20
Asss/Ghost Dub/Antecessor/Da Video Tape @ Holocene

May 21
Electric Miles @ The Goodfoot

May 27
Regosphere/Chefkirk/Terror Apart/Grease Envelope/Telluris @ Habesha

June 4 – 6
Creative Music Guild presents: Improvisation Summit Of Portland @ Disjecta

June 7
Werckmeister Harmonies @ Mississippi Studios

June 10
Valet/Ilyas Ahmed/Itasca @ Holocene

June 11
Sam Prekop/Pulse Emitter @ Doug Fir Lounge

June 17
Colleen/Brumes @ Holocene

14 thoughts on “Event Calendar

  1. Well, that Haino show came out of nowhere. Any detailed info available? All I see is the bare-bones listing on PC-PDX.

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